Ada (magenter) wrote in florida_aw,

Florida rescue?

A follow-up to my post about the abandoned pregnant ratties...

One of the babies passed away over the night, but the rest seem to be going pretty strong. One of the hairless appears to be beginning her labor; she's starting to bleed a little.

Okay, so, it looks like I might need someplace to take these rats... I can care for them until they find another home, I suppose, but I don't see how I can possibly take care of all these rats on my own. (We're talking two adult males, seven females, and three litters) >_< On the other hand, I can't just abandon them, and I'd rather not take them someplace where the majority of them will probably end up being put down.

I'm Google-ing my ass off and not coming up with anything.
Does anybody have any ideas? I'm looking for shelters/rescues in the Orlando, FL area that are rat-friendly. I'd be willing to drive a couple hours away if it means getting them somewhere they'll be taken care of.

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