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Baaaaby rats!

Okay! Finally, a follow-up to this post. (I didn't realize how long I've had these guys... crap!)

Anyways. Behind the cut I've got photos of the litter that's available for adoption. I haven't determined their genders yet; I'm going to take a look on Tuesday and see if I can figure anything out... sorry if there's a big delay in me answering questions about these guys, but most of them are actually not living with me at the moment... my mom's taking care of them, because the available space in my apartment is woefully small. But I know she wants rid of them --; So basically I have to drive across town to get photos or check up on these guys. Tuesday is the next time I'll be over there, so I'll try to get more photos, and if anybody in the area (central FL) wants to get a look at a specific rat or rats they're interested in adopting, I can pick them up and bring them over to my place.
I don't have photos yet of the two hairless females or the four other females. (I decided to keep the two hairless males for myself ^_^) One female is brown, two are white with dark brown hoods, and one is white with a fawn hood.
There are twelve in this litter (all from one of the non-hairless females). There is a good chance the father was one of the hairless males, but I have no way of knowing for sure. All these photos are of the one litter of twelve; I split them into two groups for the sake of taking photos.
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