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Chameleons How And Where To Find Them For Pets

Chameleons How And Where To Find Them For Pets
 by: McKay Robbins
Chameleons are very fascinating and interesting as pets. Choosing a chameleon could be tricky though. There are many ways and sources to get a chameleon for you.
You can get it from the pet store or reptile shows etc. It is however very important to choose the right pet. Never buy a chameleon that is sick. Unhealthy chameleon will have sunken eyes, runny droppings or red streaks in droppings for more than two days discharge from the eyes, nose or mouth, swollen joints etc.When you're ready to purchase a chameleon, its best if you can observe several chameleons at one time, and make the selection yourself. If the person or store you are making your purchase from doesn't let you inspect the animal yourself, do not buy anything from them.
Don't rely on the salesperson at the pet store you bought your chameleon from because they don't always have the right information, unless of course they were the ones to breed these specific chameleons themselves. The following are some of the sources you can try getting your pet from;
PET STORES: The larger pet stores across the country often have an extensive reptile section as opposed to some of the smaller shops. Dealing with a local pet store has its benefits, as you can actually see the animal you are interested in purchasing, but make sure that the store you are dealing with has trained their employees properly in the care and maintenance of their reptiles.
MAIL ORDER: The biggest downfall to mail order is the fact that you can't see your animal before it arrives on your front porch. Many dealers do an excellent job of describing the animals they have to offer. Ask for references from satisfied customers when the dealer's integrity or reputation is in question.
BREEDERS: Commercial and hobbyist breeders are one of the best sources of parasite-free, well-acclimated animals and information. Most breeders keep extensive records of genetics, lineage, health, and observations about the animals they work with. Many times these records are available to their customers. You can find them in the classified ads of various reptile magazines, through your local reptile clubs, or by word-of-mouth from other hobbyists.
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