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A good week for sharks!

Hey, anybody still reading this thing? Thought I'd share this article from News for Florida Animal Advocates about new protections for sharks in Florida:

A good week for sharks

During this week’s meeting of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in Naples, commissioners votedto prohibit the recreational and commercial killing of tiger sharks and three species of hammerhead sharks. The numbers of these sharks have significantly declined in recent decades. Hammerhead sharks in particular are highly valued within the shark fin trade for their large fins.

The proposal to ban the killing of tiger and hammerhead sharks in state waters will have a final public hearing in November in Key Largo. Please contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and thank them for their vote to protect sharks!

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Online comment form.

Check out the rest of the article at the source; it includes a list of restaurants in Florida that still serve shark fins.
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