Florida Animal Welfare

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Welcome to the Florida Animal Welfare community!

This community was created for discussion of any of these subjects (of course, this is not an all-inclusive list!):
  • Activism in Florida (examples: events, protests, fundraisers)
  • Vegetarianism (ex. recipes, restaurants, veg*n friendly groceries)
  • Animals in general (ex. pet fairs, animals needing homes, pet health, etc.)
  • Animal-related news
    And, last but not least, to give a place for Floridians interested in vegetarianism or animal welfare to meet & chat.

    This group is open to everybody, whether you're vegetarian or not, regardless of your "involvement" in animal activism. All I ask is that everybody tries to stay friendly, and act within the spirit of the community. It's okay to disagree, but if I think somebody's posting strictly for the purpose of causing trouble or hurting someone's feelings, I won't hesitate to take action.

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